Tuesday, April 30, 2013

challenge: unplug

of course I started reading A Practical Wedding after our wedding, but the blog offers great advice on everything from newly engaged to newlyweds to creating a home with your loved one: practically, realistically and sweetly. the gals over there don't sugar coat any topic and they tend to err on the side of get-your-head-outta-the-clouds-and-pay-attention. while I don't agree with every detail they've shared, I've connected with most and a recent article about pinning versus doing sparked my interest.

let's be serious. Pinterest is addicting. so much so that it can skew the lines of what is real and what is ridiculous. can you say unlimited budget and 12-hour-a-day DIY? ugh. who has the time? but, I frequently pin, and daydream, and buy impulse purchases after seeing a cute maxi or pair of heels. on top of pinning, I'm working, checking email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; it's social media 24/7 and it's now due to habit than necessity, or want, really. how often do we spend time hoping something will happen, or wishing it might, when it really could?

so, I'm taking the challenge. I'm going to spend my weekends unplugged. no status updates, no email responses, no work email responses...just a good 'ole fashioned Saturday and Sunday to relax, unwind and enjoy time, in this beautiful weather, in this beautiful place. I've tried before and couldn't last the day. something is always pulling, but it's never something that can't wait. this weekend, I'll start the challenge to unplug and see how I do. who knows, I might get used to it. as the article references, nights are another story.

via A Practical Wedding


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